Monday, July 09, 2012


As most of you know I am quite familiar with the grieving process having buried three sons, two parents, my parents-in-law, several relatives and many dear friends.

I have learned that especially those who have not experienced grief are often the first to tell you how you should grieve. I have had the privilege of reading through the Bible, many versions, many times. The verses that talk about grief seem to jump out at me. For example:

"So Absalom fled and went to Geshur and was there three years. And King David longed to go to Absalom. For he had been comforted concerning Amnon," (2 Samuel 13:38-39).

When our son Nathan was killed in a car crash caused by a drunk driver, I realized one year of grieving simply was not enough. I needed more time and I felt guilty because I thought a person was supposed to be limited to one year. But then I read the above verse and realized that it took David THREE years to resolve his grief over Amnon. I don't believe that most people are ever OVER their grief, but it took David three years to RESOLVE his grief. I take the word RESOLVE to mean that King David was not wrestling or questioning the loss any more.

As I read that verse, I decided if it's good enough for King David it's good enough for me.

There are many verses that deal with a Christian's response to grief. I challenge you to look them up and see what the Bible says about grieving.

Marilyn Willett Heavilin

Marilyn is a wife and mother, author, and international conference and retreat speaker. She and her husband Glen serve as Counselors-in-Residence at America's KESWICK during the summer months.

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