Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm proud of you

Sitting under the teaching of Dr. Steve McVey is always refreshing and often startling. This year as he spoke for Victory Week 4 it was no different. *

Monday evening, 8.10.09, Dr. McVey said he had a word for us (the audience), seriously, a word from our Father for each one of us. There were snickers and chuckles and shifting in the seats. He said, "I'm serious. I believe God wants me to tell you this. Are you listening?" Pause.


That truth struck me at my very core. My heavenly Father is proud of me. WOW. I was startled. Could it be? Is He proud of me? I immediately thought of my earthly father - they were not words I remember hearing from his lips to my ears but oh, how he told others, who would tell me, "Your father is so proud of you." I distinctly remember coming home from school one day after being surprised to receive an award for soccer that season to find a poster prepared by my parents sitting on the kitchen table. The only statement I remember seeing (among the others) was: "We are proud of you." That is the one time I ever remember "hearing" those words from either of my parents. Don't get me wrong, I grew up in a great loving and supporting "normal" family. No complaints. But I do not recall having those words in particular spoken to me.

Fast forward to my time at America's KESWICK. Pastor Bill Raws bore a striking resemblance to my dad. He "adopted" me, in a manner of speaking, and would come up to me after I spoke during a service, give me a hug and say, "I'm proud of you." It brought tears to my eyes every time.

Pastor Bill has graduated to glory and my own dad continues his ongoing struggle with Alzheimer's BUT MY HEAVENLY FATHER IS PROUD OF ME. Dr. McVey's words struck a cord in my heart. As I retold a friend of McVey's word from God, tears instantly sprung to her eyes for she, too, needed to hear, "YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER IS PROUD OF YOU."

How about you today - as you consider the truth that God is proud of you - does it minister to your soul?

As you go through your day today, allow this thought to marinate in your mind: My Heavenly Father is proud of me.


*All of the speakers during our summer conference season are excellent and well worth the time to join us in person or watch live on-line. To watch on-line, log into our website at 7:00 pm (Sunday-Thursday), or 9:30 am (Monday-Thursday) and scroll about half-way down the page in the center column and select the WATCH LIVE button.

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