Thursday, October 27, 2011


Gal 6:17 "On my own body are scars that prove I belong to Christ Jesus."

Do you like to watch the TV program Dancing With The Stars? Oh, come on. It's OK to admit it. My husband and I do enjoy watching the program. I suppose the main reason I like to watch is because I envy the rhythm that seems to be a natural asset for most of the contestants. The 2011 season is especially interesting. The dancer of interest is J. R. Martinez. J.R. was a soldier in Iraq when his vehicle drove over a landmine. J.R. was seriously injured; he has severe scarring on his face. In spite of his disfigurement, J.R. has become a television actor and a very active spokesperson for the military persons who did not come home. I thought of the above verse when I read this quote from J.R.: "My uniform is now my scars and my weapon is my words, so I'm still serving."

Paul stated that his scars proved that he belonged to Christ. That caused me to wonder, What scars do I have?

Years ago I had the privilege of meeting Richard Wurmbrand, the author of "Tortured for Christ." His scars were obvious. That man had suffered because he belonged to Christ! When I shook his hand, I felt his suffering flow through me. That was more than 50 years ago, but I shall always remember meeting him.

The above verse caused me to ponder, I don't suppose many of us in America will have visible scars showing because we are Christians, but do we have scars that don't show?

Nearly all of us have experienced a crisis of faith. So do others know the pain we have experienced? Most Christians seem to hide their pain as though that were more noble.

My crisis of faith happened when three of my children died. Knowing Christ did make a difference for me. Knowing Him made a difference in how I responded to my pain and my grief. Did I still hurt? Of course I did, but I knew my strength came from my faith in God, not from me. When others ask, "How did you have the strength to continue on?" I have a choice. I could just smile and say, "It was really hard, but I knew I had to keep going," or I can say, "I made it because of my faith in God. God has always been faithful, and I trust in Him."

According to what my Bible says, I believe we need to let our scars show. Give credit to Him for your survival. He will always be faithful.

Marilyn Willett Heavilin

Marilyn is a wife and mother, author, and international conference and retreat speaker. She and her husband Glen serve as Counselors-in-Residence at America's KESWICK during the summer months.

James 5:9
Do not grumble against one another, brothers, so that you may not be judged; behold, the Judge is standing at the door.

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